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members comments and feedback
Here are just some of the 'comments' in the 'Members Area'. These are ALL GENUINE and you can see them all inside when you join-up. You'll see which Members have sent each message and you can leave your own comments and suggestions you have for each film...
(Vid71) - "You are an exceptional submissive, Tinkerbell, a rare jewel! I'm new on your site, and am surprised that I hadn't heard of you before now. You deserve much greater notoriety!"

(Vid60) - "Hello Tinky, this scene alone was worth subscribing for. Love the site and keep up the great work."

(Vid40) - "This was so hot! Please do it again, I want to see your beautiful asshole completely xxxxxxxxx by the inflating!"

(Vid26) - "You're great at everything you do, Tinkerbell. Your girl-girl videos, however, are simply exceptional. Your oral skill and xxx drinking is outstanding! It's always wise to keep your Mean Master happy, but please don't ignore the girls. Hugs, gorgeous!"

(Vid62) - Best Smoking Video ever! I would love to see more of this fetish, as I am really into it. Especially because you swallowed the whole cigarette with your mouth open!

(Vid75) - "Am just approving all the other comments. Great clip by the kinky superstar Tinkerbell. Finally another xxxx flash, hopefully you can do more xxxx scenes in the future. Tinkerbell is the best!"

(Vid75) - "Definitely loved that xxx scene at the beginning, I just singed up and was surprised that is what I got right from the start. Anyways its something I would love to definitely see more of in the future if possible. Really high quality, love the site so far."

(Vid75) - "Hi Tinky, What a lucky man is this worker! It was great to see you eat his cum. Fabulous also to see your pussy works by all these instruments. I like also the xxxx moment. A very fantastic clip. You are really THE best Tinky. Wet Kisses. A totally addict French fan"

(Vid65) - "Hi Tinky, your are awesome and your videos are the most exciting videos on the net. Can you make other video like this one where someone xxxxxx on your drink or food and you don't know, it will be great. Thanks a lot and continue to make us horny with your videos."

(Vid51) - "I look forward to seeing you with a makeup brush one day… in the peehole"

(Vid73) - "Tinkerbell.. Well what can I say, just wonderful. I adore you and just love to see you being used.. Would just love to see you being forced to smoke now any chance?? Smoky Kisses, Tina xx"

(Vid74) - "Hi Tinky, Awesome !!! I found your fantastic cilp when I come back from Burgundy (very nice wine!). It's absolutely so sexy. You are so lovely and naughty in your so sexy dress.. JUST GREATER AND GREATER. Kisses"

(Vid62) - "I joined your site simply to see you be used as a human ashtray! I loved this video! I look forward to seeing you swallowing more ashes and butts.

(Vid74) - "That was a great video shoot….I'm hoping there will be a part 2 with more xxxx drinking."

(Vid74) - "Amazing….!! Watching Top Gear will never be the same! Tink your summat spesh babes xxxx"

(Vid62) - "This is the best smoking video ever done…"

(Vid51) - "Oh shit! This girl loves the brushes. We can even see the chicken skin on her delicious ass."

(Vid58) - "probably one of the finest pussies around! Amazing views and close-ups Tinky. The video (and you babe) is stunning… xxxx"

(Vid43) - "OMG! What a crazy lovely girl."

(Vid66) - "Lovely Naughty Tinkerbell !!! We want more actions like this, xxxx drinking so sweet. I like to watch You drinking xxxx from man's cock. I would like to xxxx in your mouth….Kiss/xxxx"

(Vid46) - "Breathtaking in every detail.. Simply stunning beauty.. xxx"

(Vid67) - "Tinky, stunning woman, stunning content and stunning video. You are a quite un-believable woman and seeing your adventures here is something else! I wish I'd have joined earlier because your something special babe!. Loving ya gal!, Darren xxxx"

(Vid46) - "Tremendous film and such good quality ! You two really look gorgeous with such smooth pussies xxx scene was fabulous and glad you enjoyed how sexy Marlene tasted. Bet she'd have enjoyed tasting your pussy nectar too! Keep up the great work, top marks x"

(Vid62) - "Tinkerbell.. I adore smoking girls- a real turn on for me too. I do occaissionally smoke, as I find it sexy. I would love to see you all tied up and being forced to smoke by your Mistress. Your films really do turn me on Tinkerbell, especially the smoking videos. Can we also have your Mistress smoking in gloves and maybe a cigar one day?? Deep smoky kisses Tina xxxx

(Vid73) - "Hi Tinky, This is NOT horrible at all! I love this! The smoky kisses are great and would love to see more of this type of content! Thank you, Steve."

(Vid73) - "Hi Tinky, What an awesome clip !!! All what you do is fantastic and so sexy Tinky, not only pxxxxxg scenes : yes, I stronger like all what you do, solo and with your naughty girlfriends. I have also seen your fantastic piercing pussy, with a beautiful goldenstream, and also when you drinking pregnant mistress so tasting xxx. Tinky in ashtray-girl, you are so sexy and desirable ! Many thanks and lots of love. You make me so happy !!! Wet kisses xxx"

(Vid71) - "Hiya Tinky, I really like this film, it is something a bit different! Great action, and I love the smoking and the xxxx-drinking… Love, Steve.

(Vid72) - "Hi Tinky, Great to see you with weights on your pussy – more (please please please)! Fantastic film"

(Pics30) - "WOW!!!! Didn't realise that you can be this hairy, what a treat for hairy beavers lover like me. I like a smooth pussy, but a very hairy one is a treat for anybody with a bit of taste – x"

(Vid72) - "Very Kinky – love it!"

(Vid72) - "Hi Tinky, After Paris, we have Budapest. You are so beautiful and exciting by the bridge !!! Then a festival for your pussy and its large labia. Xxxxxx and also hard masturbating with great vegetables : a true and fantastic treat. You are my dreams. Love and kisses."

(Vid71) - "Hi Tinky, What an exciting clip! Your pregnant partner is also hot and naughty. You are happy to taste her so special and good xxxx. You are awesome Tinky and your clips are hotter and hotter. Many thanks, you are THE BEST my Goddess. Your French fan"

(Vid66) - "The training of the whore is proceeding nicely, delicately"

(Vid68) - "A hardened sinner, can it be any surprise that vice will always triumph over virtue."

(Pics01) - "There is nothing more sublime, than a whore's pussy that's open for all to see"

(Vid71) - "Excellent! So many boxes ticked with this one. And I really must get a little funnel…"

(Vid63) - "I LOVE the new edit, particularly the beginning!"

(Vid70) - "Hi Tinky, the second part is even more hard. You are a true horny and naughty girl ! It is very exciting to see your sublime pussy and its piercings wet and offered !!! To finish by a scene of xxxx, it is dazzling. Thank you my Goddess"

(Vid55) - "Sexy scene and your friend has spectacular labia. would luv to watch her pee thru those meaty flaps!! Luv to see a scene with you tinker, xxxxxxx in someones mouth 'n smother them while xxxxxxx"

(Vid74) - "Hi gorgeous Tinky, can we have more silk and heels videos please?"

(Vid60) - "What a scene amazing.. looking hot in white Tinker. Never a big fan of xxx…but now…fucking sexy!!! does anyone at home drink your xxx?

(Pics30) - "Wow sexy hairy twat! U have got the the sexiest body, (xxx Goddess). Can I be ur toilet paper?"

(Pics35) - "Wow ..awesome! Does it hurt?

Vid62) - "Tinkerbell… Just fabulous. I know you are a non-smoker, but how cool would it be to see you being forced to smoke…any chance??? Tina xx

(Vid51) - "Amazing scene & amazing ass. Luv ur pumped pussy, great eating!"

(Vid54) - "Tinkerbell.what a sexy pussy u have !! I loved the part where u xxxxxx from jacuzzi. I wish i could l lick ur peehole while u xxx. Mmmm heaven!!

(Vid67) - "Hi naughty, just joined ur site …awesome! Luv to watch u xxx, wish I could taste it fresh"

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(Vid62) - "Amazing Ashtray video Tinkerbell, Love to see more like this"

(Vid52) - "Hi Tinky, What a naughty friend you have! Weather is very hot and it's very exciting to see you drinking all the fresh nectar from your happy friend."

(Vid68) - "Hi Tinky, To discover you as a perverse nun made me jerk off. You are so exciting when you xxxx in nuns clothes in the cemetery ! Scarlett is also true xxxx nun, who knows how to make you enjoy those piercing on the tongue… In short, you're even more screwable ! Thank you Tinky. Have a very wet night. kisses."

(Vid43) - "Wow! What an incredible video! Would love to see you do something similar, with a smaller brush inside your peehole! And you're right.. The more you suffer, the better we like it!"

(Vid67) - "Damn, your pee hole is so stretchable! and doing it with a mix of beads and that rippled-dildo makes it even hotter. you're a queen of sluts Tinker"

(Vid62) - "I renewed my membership just for your ashtray videos. This specific video is one of my all time favourite human ashtray videos i have ever seen, you are a very good ashtray!"

(Vid67) - "Hi Tinky, Brilliant ! To see you xxxxxxx in Paris, close to the Tower Eiffel! I would have liked to be there, to slip under your pussy for drinking your golden xxxxx. I liked also much your scenes of penetration and masturbation with that tower Eiffel dildo, it is fantastic. I Hope that you will return to Paris and that you will still surprise me and all your fans. Thank you for all, you are always the best. I adore you. Lot of love and very, very wet kisses."

(Vid56) - "Hi tinky, a very great story +++10. A good fuck with that tree in your pussy and asshole. i like your gaping ass and pussy xxxxxxx, cumming, dripping, yummy! I wish I had you here !!! and I could be your nastymaster, (I like that guy). I would like to see more stories like this!!! - XXXX"

(Vid58) - Hi tinky, you try always something new- i like that! XXXXXX"

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(Pics18) - "Hi Tinkerbell – I love this shoot, especially with the multi-head dildo. Will you be doing any videos of you using it on this site?"

(Vid61) - "Very awesome! I love your anal play and my favorite video is of you being used as a "toilet" in the workshop, then fucked while full, (I think). I can imagine you probably felt like your guts were gonna explode though, so I had a tinge of guilt. And how in the hell does it get you off to stuff the spikey end of brushed in you? I'm a guy, but even seeing that makes me go "ouch wtf???". I give you props Tink, you truly are a deviant. One can only hope to find a girl as pretty and as freaky as you."

(Vid60) - "Love your chocolate log, need more xxxx from that sexy ass of yours"

(Vid66) - "Hi Tinky, This new scene is dazzling. Your latest correction enables us to see your sublime battered pussy and your so Goddess body ! You're such a very bad and naughty girl, big fan of your xxxx scenes !!! I'm in ecstasy !!! Big wet kisses"

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(Vid48) - "The second part is even more exciting than the first. Your first golden stream is fantastic! The film makes me more and more excited. I now can't wait for each new clip, you are absolutely THE best!"

(Vid64) - "Hi Tinky – Love the weights on those pussy-rings!"

(Vid63) - "The xxx stuff was new…are you going to do more? Do you think you'll ever chew the xxx?"

(Vid42) - "This is definitely the best video I have ever seen! The only way it could have been better, would be to have Tinkerbell smoking too. Would love to see more of Mistress Louise as well"

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(Vid61) - Tinkerbell is beautiful! I only wish she would find it pleasant, to have my tongue up her ass (or any other orifice that she might prefer)"

(Pics32) - "What a set of pics!!! "I have seen the promised land" a hairy promised land….lol"

(vid42) - "I absolutely love seeing you do the human ashtray, i simply cannot get enough of it. But would it be possible to put an ashtray tag on the ones where you specifically do this service? Lots of videos have the smoking tab without you doing the ashtray, it would make it far easier to spot the ashtray films? Stephane – x

(Vid16) - "Hi, I would have been very mad too in this case! This punishment was creative and I enjoyed it- compliments. However, I would not have had her fucked in this case, just cummed and xxxxxx on – it's a punishment, after all. Then left with pantyliner and cummy face for another hour or so of display.

(Vid62) - "Very good girl, again! A slim waist is super-important for a girl, it's good you realize that. It would be interesting to see how much slimmer you could get, during one week of hard food discipline regime?"

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(Vid53) - "Hi, I love you dressing up in cute outfits such as "Rollergirl". Also, your peehole play and xxxxxxx is delightful. Im a big fan of your girl on girl scenes, so if in the future you could perform one dressed in an outfit with maybe a food theme? (I'm thinking of maybe a cream-cake fight with ice cream, chocolate sauce, custard etc). Then mutual eating off each other and stuffing yourselves with other items? Just a suggestion, but it covers most of my Kinks! Regards.

(Vid56) - "Love this scene, you make such an adorable lady toilet! One of my all time favorite xxxx drinkers!

(Vid57) - "Thank you Tinky, you granted my wish! Fantastic film! More please. Steve."

(Vid47) - "Such a good xxxx drinker, i can't believe how cute you are when drinking xxxx! And i love how you're very neat about it, not a drop wasted!"

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